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Root it Rooting Gel

Ref: 12-560-105

Root it Rooting Gel
Price: 6.00

Hydroponics shop Manchester | Rooting Gel
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Root stimulation gel - Roots appear on cuttings from 3 days

Root it Rooting gel is the first gel speciffically created for use with rooting sponges.  Get roots on your cuttings from as little as 3 days after initial application.

Encourages happy, stress free clones from day 1.

This fantastic rooting gel makes hormone rooting powder unecessary.

Containing indol butyric acid and other active ingredients to ensure the cutting roots sucessfully and fast.

Root it Gel4Plugs rooting gel is unique and is a faff free way to root your clones with minimum effort.

Effective on a wide range of genus's including herbs, forsythia, buddleia, hydrangea, hebe and roses.


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