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Propagation kits Manchester
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Root it Heavy Duty Propagation Kit

Ref: 12-550-150


Root it Heavy Duty Propagation Kit - everything you need to grow from seeds or cuttings

This all-in-one heavy duty propagation kit contains:-

  • High quality seed tray propagator
  • 24 cell insert and tray filled with Root it
  • A sterile scalpel
  • Root it Rooting Gel
  • Root it first feed
  • A guide book on how to grow from cuttings or seeds

Dimensions: L:38cm x W:24cm x H:18.5cm

root_it_heavy_duty_propagation_kit_img_300pxl.jpg root_it_heavy_duty_propagation_kit_img_300pxl-1.jpg
 root_it_heavy_duty_propagation_kit_img_300pxl-2.jpg  root_it_heavy_duty_propagation_kit_img_300pxl-3.jpg
 root_it_heavy_duty_propagation_kit_img_300pxl-4.jpg  root_it_heavy_duty_propagation_kit_img_300pxl-5.jpg

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Price: 14.00

Available within 5-7 working days

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