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Propagation, EC/PH

Hydroponics Propagation/EC and PH Control by Boom 2 Bloom Manchester Hydroponics Shop


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Price: 52.00

Essentials PH Pro Tester Meter

Ref: 09-410-050
Essentials PH Pro Tester Meter. Advanced Hydroponics PH Tester. The 'Essentials PH Pro Tester' is a fast and efficient way to test the PH of your growing media. Click here for info on our PH Testers. ...

Hydroponic PH Tester

Price: 61.00

Essentials Pro EC Meter

Ref: 09-415-050
Hydroponics Professional EC Meter/EC Tester. We supply advanced Hydroponics Equipment for the grow room enthusiast. Click here for EC testers. Essentials Pro EC Meter with user replaceable probes Professional ...

Pro EC meters and Testers

Price: 14.00

Root it Heavy Duty Propagation Kit

Ref: 12-550-150
Root it Heavy Duty Propagation Kit - everything you need to grow from seeds or cuttings Root it Heavy Duty Propagation Kit - everything you need to grow from seeds or cuttings This all-in-one heavy duty ...

Propagation kits Manchester

Price: 6.00

Root it Rooting Gel

Ref: 12-560-105
Root it Rooting Gel Root stimulation gel - Roots appear on cuttings from 3 days Root it Rooting gel is the first gel speciffically created for use with rooting sponges.  Get roots on your cuttings ...

Hydroponics shop Manchester | Rooting Gel

Price: 5.50

Root it Rooting Sponges x24

Ref: 12-550-100
Root it Rooting Sponges x24 Probably the best propagation sponges you can get! This propagation tray comes complete with rooting sponges x24. Not only is it jam-packed with Root it, but the kit is strong ...

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