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Growing Media

Hydroponic Growing Media Manchester


We sell a range of hydroponic growing media for the hydroponics entusiast. The selection of the best growing medium is an important choice to consider when looking to get the best yield from your efforts.  Whether you're growing in rockwool or growing in clay pebbles we can supply you the growing media you require.

Hydroponics for beginners can often be a daunting project to undertake however, our team of friendly experts are on-hand to help you with any question and are more than happy to provide technical guidance too.

We can guide you on the best hydroponic grow systems to suit your budget and are on-hand to make sure your project is a budding success.  Call us now for more info.

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Price: 11.99

Bio Biz All Mix Soil 50 Ltr

Ref: 02-075-110
Bio Biz All Mix Soil in a 50 litre bag Professional soil growing media which has been pre-fertalised to give your crop a bit of tlc from day 1. Bio Biz all-mix is an incredibly popular growing medium ...

Bio Biz Hydroponic Growing Media

Price: 10.99

Canna Coco Professional Plus

Ref: 02-055-005
We stock Canna Coco Professional Plus. This massively popular Hydroponic Growing Media is available in 50 litre bags. Premium grade, cleaned and pre-trreated hydroponic growing media. Boom 2 Bloom, Manchesters' ...

Hydroponic Growing Media in Manchester

Price: 28.99

Cultilene Mapito Rockwool Mix 80 Ltr

Ref: 02-060-350
Cultilene Mapito Rockwool Mix 80 Ltr 80 Litres of rockwool substrate Roots thrive in this mixture which is why this Cultilene Rockwool is so popular. It offers the grower balanced air to water ratio and ...

Manchester Hydroponics Shop | Growing Media

Price: 36.00

Cultilene Rockwool Mini Cubes 100Ltr Bag

Ref: 02-060-345
Cultilene Rockwool Mini Cubes 100Ltr Bag 10mm Rockwool cubes for potting These Rockwool mini cubes are ideal for young seedlings.  They have a high water-holding capacity and helps develop strong ...

Manchester Hydroponics Shop - Rockwool

Price: 11.99

Plant it Clay Pebbles (Plant !t)

Ref: 02-050-055
Plant It clay pebbles are made from 100% natural clay. Made from 100% naturally occurring lay, Plant it are an ideal growing medium, or decorative feature for your plants, shrubs and borders. These pebbles ...

Hydroponic Growing Media in Manchester
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