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Halo Harpin Foliar Plant Feed Growth Promotor Hydroponics Nutrients and Boost

Ref: 06-305-006

Halo Harpin Foliar Plant Feed Growth Promotor
Price: 8.00

Hydroponic boosts, Hydroponic Nutrients
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Halo nutrients and additives boosts growth.

Halo has been rigourousley tested all around the globe and this product will deliver you the following benefits:-

  • A higher growth rate when using lights du to enhanced photosynthesis by the plant of up to 25%.  In addition, nutrient uptakes by the plant are also significantly increased.  Ultimately Halo increases yield and fruit quality.
  • Halo activates growth mecahnisms that result in improved plant vitallity, stamina and also increases the plants ability to handle stress effectively.
  • Halo activates cell wall expansionsion, cell elongation, protein and sugar transportation.
  • This fantastic additive also helps initiate flower growth, fruit and size.
  • Halo helps activate the plants defence mechanisms giving it more chance of fighting off viral, fungal and bacterial diseases that could damage your harvest and crop.
  • Pre-harvest applications reduce incedence of Botrytis (Bud Rot) and extends crop shelf life.

How does Halo growth promoer work?

Halo ushers in a new age of plant stimulants.  Halo is a cutting edge product in a league of its own as it harnesses leading technology and manufacturing techniques to ensure that the plant receives valuable nutrients to support lean growth and development.

The secret ingredient that gives your plants such a boost is Alpha Beta protein, and optimium levels of this nutrient are delivered to the plant helping it to accelerate growth, flower earlie in its cycle and ultimately leading to bigger crops and flowers.

Halo is foliar applied meaning you trat the plant directly on its leaves.

On application, a message signal is transmitted throughout the plant which triggers a positive growth spurt which also reduces plant stress, which again has a positive affect on the final yield.


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