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Guard n Aid Pest Off Natural Fumigators and Mini Fumers Pack of 2

Ref: 10-475-065

Guard n Aid Pest Off Natural Fumigators and Mini Fumers Pack of 2
RRP: 16.99
Price: 12.00
You save 4.99 (29%)

Pest Off Natural Fumigators - Hydroponic Pest Control
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Guard 'n' Aid Pest Off hydroponic natural fumers/fumigators | Insect Killing

Smoke generators with the key insect killing ingredient Permethrin.

These fumers are effective at controlling crawling and flying insects that destroy your crop if left untreated.

Fantastic at killing bugs in hard to reach places.

You get fantastic coverage of 7.5 ubic meters per fumigator/fumer unit.

You will still need to use a further insecticide like Guard 'n'Aid PestOff Spray which we sell seperately in this section.  This additional treatment will take care of insect eggs that are tougher to treat.

We provide an advice sheat with thi product as the room has to be vacant by humans and small animals during treatment.

***Warning*** Use this product with great care as smoke fills the environment quickly.  The smoke is able to penetrate face masks.


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