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Cannacure Hydroponic Pest Control Concentrate 1Ltr

Ref: 10-475-305

Cannacure Hydroponic Pest Control Concentrate 1Ltr
RRP: 29.99
Price: 20.00
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Hydroponic Pest Control Concentrate 1Ltr
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Cannacure Hydroponic Pest Control | 1Ltr of Concentrate

Cannacure can be used with heavy insect infestations.

Insect infestations are the bain of the serious gardeners life!  Cannacure when used on your crop from early on in the plant or vegetables life, can help prevent plants get bugs.

If you forgot best practice, and you now have an infestation ruining your crop, then you can treat the plants or vegeatables with Cannacure at initial 3 day intevals to help cure the problem.

Cannacure is a very safe product and can be used on crops for human consumption.



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