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Bio Biz All Mix Soil 50 Ltr

Ref: 02-075-110

Bio Biz All Mix Soil in a 50 litre bag
Price: 11.99

Bio Biz Hydroponic Growing Media
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Professional soil growing media which has been pre-fertalised to give your crop a bit of tlc from day 1.

Bio Biz all-mix is an incredibly popular growing medium which has secured it's place in the growing media hall of fame due to the way it has ben blended.

This unrivalled professional soil consists of 20% sphagnum peat moss, 35% garden peat, 10% high quality organic biobiz worm-humus, 30% perlite and 5% pre-mix.

This incredible soil is a money saver too, as it can be re-used!

  • To re-use this soil for your next grow, you simply need to observe a few simple guidelines as follows:-
  • Never re-use potting soil that has been infested by parasites
  • Make certain to remove and dispose of the top layer of soil
  • Remove plant debris and root material as best you can.  You might find a fork-type tool helps you with this
  • Top-up with fresh potting soil, perlite and coconut fibre until the original volume of growing media is replenished
  • For every 1000 Ltrs of soil ad 50 Ltrs of Pre-Mix and 100 Ltrs of BioBiz Worm Humus and mix thoroughly*
  • Once your new growing media has had a simple clean and refill, the medium now needs to be slightly wetted in order for it to humidify.  For the best possible growing medium, allow to stand fopr a few days before your next grow so that the beneficial microbiological bacteria and enzymes can take hold and do their stuff.

*Re-use per 1000 Lire soil mixture.  5% Pre-Mix (50 Ltrs) - 10% BioBiz Worm Humus (100 Ltrs)


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