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Fireworks & Hydroponics Shop | Grow Lights | Nutrients | Manchester
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Fireworks and Hydroponics Shop Manchester

Hydroponics Grow Tents | Organic Liquid Fertilizers | Hydroponic Grow Room Accessories | Hydroponic Lighting | Odour + Pest Control | Reflective Films | Wedding Fireworks | Bonfire Night Fireworks | Firework Selection Boxes | Firework Display Fireworks | New Years Eve Fireworks


 Over the last year we have made fantastic progress in building up a unique range of quality products for both the hydroponic business and Chorlton Fireworks. We have quickly grown a reputation all over the North West for providing expert advice with high quality products at unbeatable price. 

A big thank you from all the team at The Number 1 Firework Shop & Hydroponic Shop In Manchester. Thanks for all the support over the years. 




Hydroponic Nutrients and Boosts


Selection Boxes 

We stock leading Nutrients and Boosts which are often called hydroponic plant foods.  Boom 2 Bloom Manchester are a force to be reconed with when it comes to the stock, supply and delivery of quality hydroponics equipment.

We are determinned to be the UK's leading Firework supplier.  Based in Manchester England, we supply fireworks to make each and every event go with a bang!  We are confident we stock the biggest selection of fireworks around, please drop in or give us a call if you would like more info.


Grow Room Accessories




Hydroponic grow accessories Manchester. PH Testers and assorted hydroponic accessories.  All hydroponic equipment we stock and supply is of the highest quality and reliability.  We stock a wide variety of growing equiment for the discerning gardener who simply won't compromise on quality.

Wedding Fireworks Manchester.  We supply fireworks for your special day.  We have a huge range of wedding fireworks and can provide leading advice and guidance on how to get the most visually stunning evening wedding event around.  We provide event management services which enable you to kick back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your special moment is being cared for by the pro's.


Hydroponics Growing Media


Single Ignition Sib Cakes

Growing media Manchester. The selection and investment in quality growing media is of prime importance for gardener.  If you want to give your plants or vegetables the best possible care and affection throughout their life until they reach maturity we have just what you're looking for. If you would like any help or advice please call our friendly team in our Manchester store on 0161 881 3990. Manchester wedding fireworks suppliers.  We supply only the very best selection of fireworks for your viewing delight.  We have small fireworks, large fireworks, noisy ones, pretty ones, exciting ones and pretty much everything else besides!  Please feel free to give us a quick call if you would like some advice on how to make your event a booming success.  Call now on 0161 881 3990.

Hydroponics Lights




Hydroponic grow lights and lighting reflectors in Manchester.  We supply and stock grow room lights from some of the leading manufacturers around.  Our advice on hydroponic lighting is a 'shining success' and we would love you to become a loyal customer.  We have many repeat clients who tell us they find our service first class and our advice and support is worth its weight in gold.  Please feel free to get in touch for more information on our large range of hydroponic lights and LED grow lights. Firework sparklers have been a traditional favourite for generations.  Sparklers always put a smile on peoples faces be they young or old.  We stock these in demand party fireworks for your delight.  Unlike our hydroponics, we deliver fireworks to Greater Manchester and surrounding areas only due to the tight goverment legislation on the transportation of gunpowder/explosives....I guess they're still bitter from our friend Mr. Guyfawkes having fun all those years ago.

Hydroponic Grow Tents


DIY Firework Kits


Hydroponic grow tents Manchester.  A vital part of any serious gardeners set up is a decent grow tent.  Designed to maximise the effectiveness of your lighting rig by bouncing that all important light back onto your vegetables or plants.  These tents are fully enclosed and are able to be zipped up to ensure your grow is as successful as possible.  We have many different sized grow tents and growing media.  Call one of our friendly team now for more info on grow room tents and accessories.

Do it yourself or DIY Fireworks Manchester.  



Odour and Pest Control




Odour and pest control Manchester.  The products we stock here can really help you maintain the healthiest plants and crops around.  Many nasty creepy crawlies and mites can attack most plants destroying any chance of success.  With our expansive range of odour and pest control we can really help you get the most out of your time and effort.

Northwest Wedding Fireworks.  We are a leading fireworks shop based in Manchester,  Our splendid range of fireworks are well suited to any wedding event.  If you want your wedding to be one to remember for all the right reasons we even provide event management services so you can let your hair down safe in the knowledge your special day is being looked after by the professionals.  Call now for more info.


Propagation / PH and EC


Catherine Wheels

Coming soon

Propagation PH and EC control.  We supply specialist advanced hydroponics equipment including PH up and PH down, in addition to EC control products.  Why not give our helpful hydroponics experts a call at our Manchester store who will be happy to help with your nquiry.


Reflective Films


Special Offer Fireworks

Coming soon

Hydroponic Reflective Sheeting.  We supply premium grade reflective sheeting that maximises the usage of your grow lights lumins (light to the average Joe!)  If you have invested in a decent grow light assembly, then it sense to make sure that as much light as possible is direccted towards your crop.  Our range of light reflective film ensures that no prcious light goes to waste. Click the image above for more info.


Hydroponic Filters

Hydroponic Air Purifiers from Boom 2 Bloom - Manchester's leading Hydroponics Store.  Air filters are an intregral piece of hydroponics equipment for the serious grow room enthusiast.  Designed to absorb any odours and ensure that the circulation of air in your grow room is running efficiently and extracting surplus heat which can be a fire hazard.  If you would like infomration on any of our hydroponic filters please click the image above or give us a call.    



Celebration Cracker
Wdding Firework Suppliers Manchester
Celebration Cracker This celebration cracker is a guaranteed party pleaser. Ligt it for repeated noise and fun. Collection ...
Price: 14.99
View » Celebration Cracker
War Hawk 5 Pack Rockets - Fireworks
Bonfire night fireworks Manchester
War Hawk 5 Pack Rockets - Fireworks This 5 pack of rockets are a fantastic addition to any fireworks display.  Make ...
Price: 25.00
View » War Hawk 5 Pack Rockets - Fireworks
Mega-Lux Black and White
Mega-Lux Black and White Reflective Sheeting Hydroponic Reflective Sheeting
Mega-Lux Black and White Reflective and Black-out sheeting Mega-Lux Black and White reflective sheeting for walls and floors. ...
Price: 150.00
View » Mega-Lux Black and White
Essentials PH Pro Tester Meter
Hydroponic PH Tester
Essentials PH Pro Tester Meter. Advanced Hydroponics PH Tester. The 'Essentials PH Pro Tester' is a fast and efficient way ...
Price: 52.00
View » Essentials PH Pro Tester Meter
Space Hawk Rockets
Space Hawk Rockets
Space Hawk rockets are another pack of five 1.3g rockets. With loud and colourful burst this pack of rockets will not disapoint.  ...
Price: 25.00
View » Space Hawk Rockets
Festival Box
Manchester Wedding Fireworks
Contains 29x fantastic fireworks to delight your family friends and guests. Contains 29x fantastic fireworks to delight ...
Price: 40.00
View » Festival Box
Canna Coco A and B 2 Part Coir Nutrient 1 Ltr
Hydroponics nutrients and boosts
Canna Coco A and B 2 Part Coir Nutrient 1 Ltr Canna Coco A and B 2 Part Coir Nutrient 1 Ltr Coco Coir has a fantastic buffer ...
Price: 12.00
View » Canna Coco A and B 2 Part Coir Nutrient 1 Ltr
Hydroponic Grow Tents 1.2m x 1.2m
Hydroponic grow tents Manchester
1.2m x 1.2m Hydroponic Grow Tent. Hydroponic Grow Tents always in stock. We supply all size grow tents for different sized ...
Price: 120.00
View » Hydroponic Grow Tents 1.2m x 1.2m
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