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12 inch Mountain Air Filters | Hydroponic Air Filters

Ref: 08-350-082

12 inch Mountain Air Filters. Multi award winning hydroponic air filters.
Price: 225.00

Hydroponics air filters. Carbon air filters.
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Long Life Carbon Air Filters from Mountain Air®

Long lasting quality hydroponic air filters with a life of up to 3 years.

Mountain Air filters® are designed with quality in mind, whilst helping to efficiently remove odours.

These filters contain a wealth of futuristic features which give you long lasting, reliable odour control.

Mountain Air Filters® are quiet and require little maintenance meaning they're effective right through the growing cycle.

These hydroponic air filters offer fantastic airflow when compared to normal filters, and as they are high performance carbon filters this gives you superior carbon compaction and odour removal.

Special care has been taken when developing these filters to prevent blockages through it's life-span.

Mountain Air Filters® are extremely efficient and economical, the bigger the filter, the more efficiently it works within your grow environment providing you with huge cost savings and giving you much more value for your money!

Why choose Mountain Air Carbon Filters?

Superior Carbon Compaction = Longer life and more effective odour removal

Mountain Air Carbon Filters® are non uniform, allowing maximum tortuosity of airflow through the filtration medium to occur.  This ensures uniform and complete absorbtion throughout the entire carbon bed over the lifespan of the filter.

Hints and Tips

  • These Carbon Filters work best with humidity of less than 80%.  Over 85% RH they don't work at all.
  • Always use a fabric sleeve with your filter and replace it when it gets clogged up, which is normally every 6 months.
  • If after installing a carbon filter system, odour is still a problem, then simply install another filter and fan.
  • Mountain Air Filters® use only the highest quality carbon and under normal circumstances you can expect them to last for up to 3 years.  You know when the carbon filter has reached the end of its life as the filter simply won't work, but by then you will have had a fantastic return on your initial investment.
  • It's best to hang your carbon filter from the ceiling using chains and hooks.

Mountain Air Filters® benefits:

  • Last longer than budget filters - Bloom 2 Boom only supply the highest quality growing products and accessories.
  • Exchange more air
  • Removes more contaminants
  • Eliminates odours completely
  • Reduces noise through its muffled design


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